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Hey Press is a searchable database of tech journalists. We’ve collected hundreds of thousands of articles for thousands of writers, saving you precious hours of research.

Simply enter a keyword (e.g. bitcoin or Oculus Rift) to see the most relevant journalists for that topic - along with the articles they’ve written and contact details (if we have them).

About The Founders

Hey There! (Say hi back!)

We're the guys who cooked up this tasty website... I know what you're thinking - "liars! You can't cook! Even in your profile picture, you're eating a sandwich made by someone else. You blatantly live off burritos and Ramen!"

You're completely right.

... but we love to metaphorically cook. We've whipped-up, baked, and toasted quite a few products, and have always done our own PR. With some success, I might add ...

... aand we’ve been helping fellow startup friends with their coverage for a while too. Long story short, we know a thing or two about PR, and one of the most time-consuming things is finding relevant journalists to contact (plus digging out their contact details). We hope that Hey Press saves you many hours of research. Enjoy!

Any questions or suggestions? We'd love to hear from you,

Ed & Harry

 @edmoyse @hyharryhuang |  ed@hey.press

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Ed & Harry